“The most professional and efficient
tree service team in the area”
– Kevin Waterbury

Lorax Tree Service is based in Durango Colorado, and is the premier tree trimming service for all of southwest Colorado.  With over 3o years’ experience and know-how for all your tree care or removal needs, Lorax professional tree care services can handle all phases of tree care including:

  • Tree pruning – all sizes and shapes
  • Tree removal services
  • Stump grinding / stump removal
  • Brush & wood chipping
  • Lot clearing / Fire mitigation
  • Specialize in hazardous tree removal
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Why do I need to prune my trees regularly?

Proper pruning of your trees ensures that the structures on your property remain safe from storm damage that might be caused from dead branches.
Pruning your tree also helps keep it’s natural form which contributes to good plant health and has your property looking it’s best.

What is the “Lorax Advantage?”

Lorax arborist services come highly recommended because of our experience with hazardous tree removals and our flawless safety record. One of the ways we keep our team and your property safe is our equipment. The best example of that is the “Lorax Lift”, which is the highest bucket lift for tree care services in Southwest Colorado:

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“The Lorax fleet of heavy equipment
saved me a lot of time and money”
– Matt McFee

You can trust Lorax Tree Service to do a great job the next time you need tree service. We take pride on finishing on-time and on-budget, so please give us a call for a tree estimate on your next tree job!



For any inquires or a Quote request, please call Pete Farrell at 970-749-3430, or fill out the following form: